About Us

For a long time NI model collectors believed that their magnificent show pieces were destined to spend their life lovingly hidden away under dustsheets in attics/ basements and garages across the country. Until the daring suggestion they should organise their own exhibition.

As they bantered the idea between them, they realised it would take hard work and great determination, but as a universal smile spread across the faces of each of the men, they knew it was time to rip the dust cloths off, and use their creativity to put on a show for the public raising money for charity.

In what seemed like no time at all, they had the venue booked and the times set. Things were really beginning to take shape. Those involved worked tirelessly to ensure every aspect of the model farming and construction world were to be represented and into the wee small hours perfecting their own dioramas for the show.

Finally in late Sep 2008 the doors opened, with great excitement to a packed Andrew's memorial Hall in Comber Northern Ireland to a rapturous response. This was a historic occasion for these farm and construction enthusiasts with people travelling from far and wide to attend the one day event. Enthusiasts could finally come out of the closet, stand together and tell the world (well Ireland at least) of the magical hobby that is model farm and construction building.

Needless to say the event was a complete success, with over 300 spectators, young and old, coming out for the day. The event raised £1500 which was generously donated to McMillan Nurses.

There was only one dilemma the event threw up for the men, it was then they realised the next show needed to be BIGGER…………… …………………AND IT WAS!

After a lot of searching for the ideal venue the late Mr William Wilson kindly agreed to allow this group of model enthusiasts to use his sales yard to host their first official model farm and construction event.

The name Moira Model Club was chosen due to the location of the show

This one day event, in May 2009, was bigger, braver and an even greater success than the previous one. You could practically hear model farm and construction enthusiasts rejoicing across the counties as it is revealed the event were to be featured in several specialist magazines and papers, giving this magnificent hobby some much needed coverage and exposure. Again all proceeds were generously donated to Marie Curie.

After the undoubtedly resounding success of their second show and the overwhelming support and interest shown as to when the next show was to be held, the band of merry men decided it was time to up their game and go from a one day event to a two day extravaganza, again to be held at Trummery Sales Arena, Moira over Halloween weekend 2009.

Needless to say, this event surpassed even the organiser’s expectations, with exhibitors and vendors coming from all across Ireland and the UK to showcase and sell their wares. The proceeds of this event were donated to Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke.

The show outgrew Trummery Sales Arena with the October 2011 show changing venues to the spacious Danescroft Equestrian Centre, Lisburn.

The Moira Model Show is now an annual event, being held at the end of October and its highly detailed displays attract visitors from all over Ireland and the UK. The majority of the displays are 1:32 farm related with a few 1:50 construction displays. Some displays also featured remote controlled models at the 2015 show.

The show is mainly a display show but there are some trade stands allowing show goers to purchase models, model conversions, and diorama accessories for their collection or diorama.

The next show is a two day extravaganza to be held on Friday 28th + Saturday 29th October 2016. The event promises to be the best yet, with something for the enthusiast and novice to equally enjoy.